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Parking Lot Line Painting


Covering parking lot one stripe at a time.

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If the lines in your area parking lot are faded or you've never had lines on your lot, it's time to contact a parking lot striping company.

Parking lot striping may not be the first thing you think of when you think of ways that a business could make a great first impression, however, we know for a fact that your parking lot is the first interaction your business has with it's visitors and customers. Our goal is to make your business look really good, and our secondary goal is to keep your city looking beautiful.

We work for all types of commercial & industrial companies, road work, game courts, municipal airports, shopping centers, general office buildings, as well as apartment buildings & condominium associations.

  • Parking lot Line painting
  • Curb Markings
  • handicap accessible spaces Markings
  • Stencil Designs
  • Warehouses line paintings
  • Parking Decks/ Parkade

  • Stencil Designs
  • Specialized Design

  • Apartment buildings
  • Condominium associations
  • Road work
  • Municipal airports
  • General office buildings
  • Game courts
  • Shopping centers/Plaza
  • Schools


Project 01
Indoor Parking Lot

Project 02
Parking Lot Number

Project 03
Electric vehicle parking lot marking

Project 01
Indoor parking ramp painting

Project 02
Visitor parking lot painting

Project 03
Outdoor Parking Lot

Project 01
Safety painting

Project 02
Indoor/Outdoor Walkway

Project 03
Indoor parking lot ramp (2)

Project 01
Cemetery Parking lot

Project 02
Baseball field

Project 03
Airport parking lot

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Not sure what parking lot striping can contribute to your business? Creating clear, well-marked lines in your parking lot can:

  • Keep customers and employees safer.
  • Prevent door dings and accidents.
  • Promote customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize the available space in your lot.
  • Boost your curb appeal.

How long does parking lot paint last?

It’s suggested that property owners complete parking lot re-striping in the Capital Region every 2-3 years. Ourn team of professionals can re-stripe over your existing parking stall lines or develop a completely new layout design that complies with state and federal guidelines. By using the highest quality products and paint, our striping specialists can help guarantee that your new parking lot remains in excellent condition for years to come.

After the initial striping application, your pavement markings can lose color for several reasons. High-traffic parking spaces typically fade more quickly, and using poor quality striping paint compounds the problem. Other contributing factors are specific to the Capital Region. These include exposure to natural elements, such as:

  • Snow
  • Salt
  • Sunlight
  • High heat
  • Other weather-related conditions


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Areas Served - Parking lot line striping

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